the funkiest chicken house EVER…and in your backyard!

I was listening to our local public radio station today while packing and heard someone talking about raising chickens in his suburban backyard with something called an Eglu. Made by a company called Omlet, natch! Of course I had to Google it and discovered that it truly is the coolest henhouse I’ve ever seen. I’m just in the early stages of researching it – they are from the UK but also have a USA website so I’m hoping we can get them here in the Great White North (or the great WET north as it should be called).

What’s cool about this is that you can move it around (remember my post mentioning Joel Salatin’s farm? read what he does with his chickens…looks like you can follow the same model with the Eglu). The chicken poop will naturally fertilize the soil (the stuff you clean from the inside can go straight into the compost). You can control what your hens are eating (garbage in, garbage out right?). And you can let them out now and then to be fully “free range” (now how fun would that be?). And what a great homelearning subject!

And I thought I’d need an acreage to have chickens…oh, and you can also use them for guinea pigs or rabbits (AnnaB!).

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