Miss you; wish you were here

Before our move I had visions of inviting friends and their kids to our new house for playdates. What could be better? A big yard, playroom, and lots of space for mamas to sit down with a cup of tea and some knitting perhaps, and connect with each other.

But alas, while we are still not completely set up for company yet (the sofa has yet to arrive, and the living room is still pretty much a jumble) the more pressing issue is DS. Take my dear friend K, for example. Her middle child H. is only 2 days older than DS. They have literally known each other since birth. They’ve always gotten along fine, and DS had never gotten rough with him except in a few tussles of obvious origin. But about a week before our move we visited with K and DS started getting too rough with H. Before long, poor little H was screaming and running away from DS whenever DS looked sideways at him. DS of course, doesn’t understand it at all, thinks it’s a game. It broke my heart, and made me feel like our last “safe” group of kids had been written off the list. A few days after our move K came to visit and it was more of the same. DS ended up hurting H again, and almost pushed him down the stairs of the back porch. It’s really heartbreaking for me, and no fun for the mamas whose children are getting hurt.

Obviously, I cannot leave DS unsupervised around kids, even in our own yard and home. And it’s no fun having people over if you have to follow the kids around every single minute. Pretty much all my mama friends, save one, have young children who would be a target for DS.

And so I find myself in this nice home, with the perfect setup for playdates, and unable to host them. So while I’m generally happy and loving being in our home, I’m also missing my friends very much and not feeling as though I can have anybody over. So if you guys are reading this, you’ll understand why I’m not rushing out with the invites!

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One thought on “Miss you; wish you were here

  1. SoundHunter

    That’s such a tough one! Hope the little guy grows out of it soon! I was apparently quite the thug when I was small. In Kindergarten I often had to sit at my own table because I was prone to beating on other children. Thankfully I grew out of that phase long ago 😉 Your house sounds so lovely, very happy for you guys.

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