I love the rain

Well, you have to love the rain if you live in this part of the world. But I do, I love it. And I’m loving it even more here.

At our apartment you couldn’t really *hear* the rain. We were seven stories up with one covered balcony. There was really nothing for it to fall on. I used to have to look outside, with a tree or other dark object as a background to see if rain was falling.

But here you don’t need to look. Just listen. It patters on the glass, splatters on the deck, ripples on the leaves of tress and shrubs, and drops heavily from overflowing gutters onto concrete paving.

With the warmth of a gas fireplace, dimmer light switches, and the sounds of the kids happily playing Wii Mario Party downstairs…it truly defines the word “cozy”.

But the best part is going for a walk in the forest right after the rains. The smells are amazing, the greens are never greener nor richer. Yep, this is the West Coast Temperate Rainforst. And it is my home.

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One thought on “I love the rain

  1. Anna B

    Did you start the thought process for this post with, “Wow, this will make Anna green with envy?”My kids were playing IN THE SPRINKLER yesterday. No hard frost in sight. Crazy.

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