Strike a Pose

I have chronic upper back and shoulder and neck pain. I used to think it was from cosleeping, and the cramped positions I endured for hours during bouts of teething, nightmares, etc. But for many months now the kids have slept in their own beds and I have had space to position myself as I like.

Then I thought it was the crappy, cheapo mattress-on-the-floor that was responsible. We’ve had our lovely new Stearns and Foster mattress for a couple of weeks now and while my hip pain is totally gone, and the pressure-point soreness is a thing of the past, I still find myself constantly stretching my neck this way and that (my mother asked me if I had a tic, it’s become that constant and unconcious).

I’ve come to the conclusion that my history of bad posture is finally coming back to haunt me. Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been told I have poor posture, that I stick my neck out and hunch my shoulders. Because it was my “normal” way of being I usually forgot all about it. Well, now that I’m on the cusp of 40 I’m feeling it all right. I’ve been working hard to keep my shoulders back and my back straight but I fear nothing is going to help this except some massage therapy. I hope I can get it covered under DH’s extended medical, because when it comes to extra funds these days there is a lot of competition.

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2 thoughts on “Strike a Pose

  1. Anna B

    Have you considered accupuncture and/or cupping. I swear, it is like a miracle.

  2. SoundHunter

    Tai Chi! I just blogged about how it’s done miracles for my posture!Acupuncture is great for pain too.

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