Bits and Pieces

I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t felt like I have much to say. Things with the kids are going well these days. We seem to be in a period of Equilibrium. Oh, there are the usual 3 and 5 year old behaviours but they don’t seem alien to me or overwhelming. I haven’t yelled at anybody in a while. It’s a nice feeling, and one I plan to cherish, since I know in another six months I’ll probably find myself staring wildly at my children and wondering what sort of evil pod person has invaded their bodies and turned them into raving lunatics.

Our basement flooded last weekend after about 10 days of pouring rain. Fortunately nothing of ours got damaged and it means we’re getting a new carpet downstairs. Frankly, the more I live here the more thankful I am that we don’t own. Houses are giant money pits! I’m thoroughly in love with ours, but happy to pass on the maintenance bills to someone else while watching our RRSP balance climb.

DS is improving immensely. He seems positively grateful when I offer him words to use instead of physical approaches. We’ve had several playdates lately with young’uns around and I’m happy to say that nobody has gotten hurt. I still have to watch him closely, but with another mother there and only the two little ones to keep an eye on I haven’t felt so hampered by the obligation. I know it will be a long time before I can just let him go and not give the matter another thought, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a huge relief.

A long city workers strike has ended and our weekly homelearners drop-in starts up again. I’m so looking forward to seeing my mama friends more regularly, and I’m no longer feeling apprehensive about having DS in that environment – I’m much more confident in my ability to help DS navigate the situation. I also successfully started up a knitting group in my new area (all MDC mamas that I’ve known for a while, just not ones I was knitting with before). I started a new knitting project though I know I’m going to have to put it aside soon to start on Xmas gift knitting and crocheting. And as I said I’m having playdates again, so I’m starting to feel reconnected with the outside community and that is nice.

Homeschooling is going great. I love the program DD is in, and I’m slowly but surely editing my “speeches” in response to the ever-tiring litany of questions and comments that inevitably follow those fateful words “So, you must be in Kindergarten?”. I’m torn between wanting to educate the masses about their hopelessly ignorant stereotypes regarding what homeschooling is, and wanting to just live out my life without having to explain myself to every store clerk and friendly neighbour who wonders how DD will ever get to college.

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