Getting Creative

Last week our local homelearner’s drop-in started up again after a two month delay due to a civic strike (we use a community centre space). It was great to see our old friends again in this playful setting. DD got to work right away painting. She loves painting, but I confess I don’t like the mess (particularly a concern when DS gets involved). It started off several days worth of creative artwork.

The next day was another homelearner’s activity group, put on by a group not far from us (we’re so fortunate to have three active homelearner’s groups in our immediate area). Held twice a month, this is an incredibly well-organized event: they rent a room in a hall and fill it with tables piled with activities. There are all sorts of crafts, board games, areas for babies and toddlers, a warcraft table for the older kids, and lots of other fun things. Some activities are always there, but others vary. This time they had Halloween cupcake decorating, complete with cupcakes and dozens of candy items. There was also a table loaded with small wooden items such as toy chests, lighthouses, frames, etc. made of unfinished wood, with lots of acrylic paint and supplies. DD picked out this chest and painted it (with, of course, a dinosaur theme).

On the last occasion DH had taken the kids and DD made a mosaic picture frame. This week we grouted it. The finished product is shown here.

While I was uploading the camera images for this post, DD – who had been sitting at the dining table doing I-didn’t-know-what, called me over to see her solar system. Although she had gotten some of the planets out of order she did have all of them, and added Earth’s moon as well. Here they are after we’d rearranged them in order:

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