Finding my inner Martha

I’ve always been interested in home decor, but never really had the opportunity to do more than watch home renovation shows and browse through magazines. Now I finally have a home worthy of the time and effort to give it some style and make it my own. With the upcoming holiday season I am getting very excited about decorating for Christmas.

It’s a wonder to me, this person I’ve become. Sometimes I just have to stop and smile at myself and think “wow, who would’ve thunk it?”. Not me, that’s for sure. Ten years ago I thought my path was clear: successful scientist career woman with expensive house and kids in daycare. If you had shown me an image of who I am now, I probably would have gone into fits of denial. Now, a description of myself goes something like this: homemaker and mother of two homeschooled children; likes knitting, crocheting, baking, and soupmaking. Wow, who is this person?

But, I confess, I love it. I love homemaking. I love being with my children so much, sharing in all the little joys, adventures, and sorrows of their day. I love puttering around my house, and out in the yard. I love knitting and crocheting and baking and soupmaking. And I’m only just beginning. Shortly before we moved to this house I came across some Martha Stewart Living magazines. I felt so inspired by the ideas there I bought my first issue in October, and decided to get a subscription. So far, I’m really enjoying it.

Now, I’m never going to be this organized. I know that and am okay with that. It’s the home decorating and crafting that I’m really enjoying in the magazines. And the overall sense of style. I find inspiration, and I need that because I’m woefully uncreative when left entirely to my own imagination – I seem to get overwhelmed by unlimited options. I need someplace to start, and then I can tweak things enough to give them a personal touch.

I’ve started out slowly. For fall I hung some Indian Corn on the kitchen door that leads out to the deck. And I made a little display on the front doorstep with a mini bale of hay and decorative miniature pumpkins (shown here). I also put a few small gourds on the dining table. And that was about it.

But with Christmas approaching I want to kick it up a notch. For one thing, I’ve added curtains, framed pictures, and a coffee table to my living room, and it’s finally starting to look warm and lived in. The gorgeous fireplace mantle is crying out for boughs and ribbons, and the spot for the tree is all picked out. I’m looking forward to decorating cookies with the kids, making paper snowflakes, stringing the lights, and other fun stuff. Mostly, I’m looking forward to that warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I breeze through my living room and feel it all coming together. I’m feeling very blessed, content, and happy these days. There really is no place like Home.

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