Knitting Simply

Like most avid knitters I love visiting my local yarn store. And I rarely come away from such a visit without spending a good $50 on yarn. How can one resist? The colours, the textures, the knitted art displayed at the store, and staff members who share in my love of this fiber art…it’s an altogether sensual experience.

However, in keeping with this year’s goal to not buy anything I don’t need I recognized that yarn is one thing I really don’t “need”, and so I’ve resolved to go an entire year without spending any money on yarn or knitting supplies. I have a huge stash of yarn and several patterns, and I’m sure I can find something to knit throughout the next 12 months.

Just when I’d made this resolution to myself, along comes an opportunity to weave charity and volunteerism into my knitting. Our La Leche League group used to fundraise by selling knitted breasts. Yes, you read that right. A women affiliated with LLL used to knit breasts that can be used by breastfeeding educators to demonstrate techniques. Not all women are comfortable demonstrating breast compressions, or the C hold, on their own breasts; these knitted models provide a means to educate without having to fondle oneself, lol.

Anyways, we sold at least 40 of these a year until last year when the woman retired. She did, however, pass on the pattern to us and since two of our three leaders (myself included) are avid knitters we were able to determine that these would knit up quickly and be very inexpensive to make. Our head leader suggested we pay each knitter $2 per breast, the rest going to our group funds, but I said I didn’t want to get paid and would happily donate my $2 to the group.

So you see? It’s all about karma. Just when I decided I wasn’t going to buy any new yarn, along comes a project that will allow me to purchase some yarn (albeit nothing too luscious and expensive), knit up a storm, all the while in support of a wonderful cause.

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2 thoughts on “Knitting Simply

  1. You should also join Ravelry and get into the local group. I’m sure you’d get donations of yarn that way, or even volunteers to do more breasts for you. (PS. Hi, I’m “wenat” on MDC.)

  2. Hi there,

    I love to knit and BUY beautiful hand dyed wool too. I have so much yarn that I too should make a pact to not purchase any for one year. Thanks for the idea.

    I always come up with excuses to buy it. After all I considered myself a yarn bitch until recently!


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