Time for a Knitting Break

With all this heavy talk about money and lifestyle I thought it was time for something lighter. Inspired by finding more knitting blogs to coo over, and by submitting my name on the wait list for Ravelry, I’ve decided to chat about my knitting projects.

I found this wonderful pattern through a knitting forum in our online homelearning program’s “Village” (a place where parents and kids in the program can chat about all sorts of thing). I made my first pair for Husband as a Christmas gift. I hadn’t felted them in time for the Big Day but then decided that was better since he could help me custom fit them. When you felt something you put it in the washing machine and agitate it until it shrinks to the desired size (within limits, of course) and if you mold them while still damp they will hold that shape remarkably well. Here is the Before (left) and After (right) shot of Husband’s slippers relative to my own foot (I’m about a size 8 ane he’s a size 12 so they’re still big compared to my foot):

And here is what a slipper looks like in more detail – it’s espresso brown with a black sole (which you can’t see too well in this shot):

Husband was very happy with them and I was pleased, too. I’m knitting up a pair for myself in a lovely teal blue colour with a variegated turquoise body. It’s hard to predict what the colour will end up like when it’s felted, as it does fade, but my toes will be happy regardless!

Another project I worked on for Christmas giving was a set of felted coin purses. I forgot to take a Before shot, but here they are after being felted: The “flowers” and “stem” were crocheted before felting. They didn’t felt up as thick as I’d have prefered – I think I crocheted them with the holes too big (I’m a novice at crocheting still). In this photo I haven’t sewed them onto the purses yet. Fortunately I haven’t seen the recipients of these gifts yet so I’m not technically “late”. I still need to sew zippers into the top as well.

My current project is a Christmas gift for my Dad’s wife. I visited with them over the holidays and was knitting it there but didn’t get it finished. I’m trying! This was purchased as a kit from my LYS, made by the folks at Perl Grey. The yarn I’m using is a variegated teal/bluey-green colour which goes with my stepmother’s eyes.

Once I’m finished with that gift I’m going to knit up a couple of breasts. We got a wonderful donation from A. over at OolaWoola – a huge bag of lovely cream-coloured wool! After I’ve knit a few I’ll get going on my own pair of felted wool slippers before my poor toes freeze!

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