A good cause

Have you seen those ads? The ones from Proctor and Gamble that describe how African girls are missing school due to lack of menstrual products? They’ve launched a campaign whereby they supply Always pads and Tampax tampons to African schoolgirls, including building bathrooms with waste disposal containers so they have somewhere to use them. I’m apparently not the first person to see these ads and think “Great, just what they need, disposable products that emit toxins when incinerated, that have a one-use lifetime, and that will create dependence on a product that must be purchased regularly throughout one’s fertile life.” Charity or brilliant marketing strategy, you decide (smacks decidedly of baby-formula marketing). Turns out Crunchy Chicken saw the ads and has decided to do something about it. She’s asked for readers to spread the word, so here is me doing my little bit (click on the image for more info).

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2 thoughts on “A good cause

  1. awesome mariah. thanks for posting this and bringing it to my attention. lunapads is already involved and will be offering a ‘good4girls’ kit to support the cause. we’ll be blogging about it as soon as it is ready.

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