Our stay-home days

Our usual weekday schedule involves some obligations on my part, community centre classes for the kids, and one or two homelearner group activities. And at least once or twice a week we have a “stay home day”. Husband may have needed to take the car to work, the weather may be cold and grey, I may have lots of housework to catch up on. Or, like yesterday, I might wake up to a house that is acceptably tidy and a kitchen that is clean and beckoning me to bake…

Whole wheat pancakes (this recipe, with some flaxmeal thrown in).


Banana-walnut muffins (from this recipe).


And homemade whole wheat bread (using my breadmaker and recipe book).


That afternoon Daughter asked me to show her how to knit. Alas, her little 5.5 year old hands are not dexterous enough to handle the needles. We then tried crocheting, which she couldn’t do herself for the same reason, but together we made a chain of slip knots. When the sun made a brief appearance we went out on the large, south-facing deck and played a game of catch with our velcro ball and paddles set.

I love these stay-home days. But finding the right balance is important. Too many such days and I start to feel restless and irritable. I get cabin-fever. Too few and I start to feel stressed, rushed, as though I were being swept along by forces beyond my control. Simple Living isn’t always that simple. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Our stay-home days

  1. Has she tried finger-knitting? Or hoop-knitting using a Knifty Knitter? My 5yo enjoys both of these, though she tells me that the former “isn’t real knitting, with needles and stuff”. The latter feels close enough for her though.

  2. Ah, I had a stay at home day today too – I just love them. Tea, pajamas, books, blogs, baking, watching the birds and our pet guinea pigs, ordering seeds. Just a lovely day!

  3. carosgram

    I recently purchased an old fashion dust mop. I have hardwood floors also and wanted something that was easier to use, quicker, quieter and did more that just pick up the grub (it actually polishes as it cleans). Vermont County Store rocks! It was from the Fuller brush man.

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