Veggie Tales – whole lotta sproutin’ going on

It’s rather chilly today, which belies the fact that spring is here and things are stirring in the garden. In the front yard we’ve had crocuses blooming for a couple of weeks now, and I reported recently that our radishes were making an appearance. Well, we’ve got some more successes to report:

These are sugar snap peas just starting to peek their heads up from the ground…


This is a multiplier onion coming up in a little burst of shoots. There are two more in this plot, and some red weatherfields are also making an appearance.


Meanwhile the radishes are popping up in full force…


Now, this may all seem rather ho-hum to you gardening folks out there, but I’ll remind you that this is the very first time I’ve grown anything from seed, and the first time I’ve ever had food growing in my back yard. Watching these little sprouts come up is both miraculous and humble all at the same time. I mean, it’s dirt. It’s dirt with bugs and stuff growing in it – a scene we are surrounded by all the time be it roadside weeds or a forest. But there is something pretty cool about mixing your own soil, placing your own seeds and bulbs in the ground, and watching Nature work her magic for you. Of course, the best part of all is knowing that, come summer, we’ll be picking that food out of the ground, off the vines, and off the stalks and eating it! Yum!

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2 thoughts on “Veggie Tales – whole lotta sproutin’ going on

  1. It is very exciting indeed! I had my first garden last year, a small 4X4 square foot garden, and I was out there with my camera once a day, sometimes twice in the summer, capturing the growth of these first fruits. All the best with your garden – I’m confident you and your family will find it satisfying, in a lot of different ways!

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