You gotta have heart

My daughter’s love of science and nature warms my heart (probably because they are my passions, too). Recently she has taken an interest in the human body, largely via Magic School Bus books and as of yesterday, a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD that we got at the library. She watched it twice last night, and then this morning she walked up to me and handed me this:

She explained what each object was, and in such detail I was amazed. She asked me to write down what she said as she described each picture. The “balloons” are supposed to be magnified images of the object. Starting with the red heart and working her way left-to-right and then down to the next row, this is how she described the picture overall:

“The heart pumps blood through the veins to your bones and muscles. The heart makes a chop-chop like scissors. The white blood cells eat the germs. Your muscle looks like this when you are sleeping, but gets bigger when you use it. Exercise makes your muscles get bigger, if you don’t exercise they get smaller and smaller. The circles inside are muscle fibers. This is your arm with blood going through it.”

Not bad for a five year old!

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One thought on “You gotta have heart

  1. Oh, I love being surprised like that! How wonderful! And only five??

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