I recently accepted a client contract that has me heading out on a 1.5 hr bus commute (each way) twice a week to our local university (you can see why I’m getting so much reading done these days). Husband already had every other Friday off, and used excess vacation time to book off the other Fridays. On the other day we use an on-call nanny service. I didn’t think two out of seven days away from the kids would be too much. And of course the money is very good.

The other reason I decided to take this contract is that while I have been living the dream of the Slow Life for some time now, Husband has not. He works long hours at a job he doesn’t really enjoy, while I’m already living the life I want. And while we’ve been working toward the goal of getting him off the full-time work hamster-wheel, it’s going to take some time. Accepting this job was my way of sharing the load with him a bit.

Well, I’ve been doing this job for a few weeks now and I’ve grown to really hate it.

My children beg me not to go to work and Son has become quite clingy. And oh how I miss my kids!

Fortunately this contract won’t last too much longer. So I’m considering this a learning experience: even two days a week away from my children is too much for me. The money is nice, but I’m quite willing to give it up and would do so today if I hadn’t made a commitment to see this job through.

So actually, this experience has been one of affirmation and validation. It has made me appreciate even more the value of a Slow life, of Living Simply and having that precious, precious time that is more valuable than any paycheck. It has made me appreciate what I’ve got, and more determined than ever to keep it. I guess sometimes you have to take a step backwards to appreciate how far you’ve come.

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