Prioritizing our Spending

A couple of weeks ago Husband said he’d found an old Airstream trailer for sale (no, it’s not the one in the photo). It had been gutted for renovation and then left that way. The price was an amount we were comfortable parting with (i.e. it wouldn’t make much of dent in our savings), and we thought that even if all we did was put in a floor, a space heater, and a toilet we’d have a warm, dry place to sleep and a reason to avoid pit-toilets. Turns out the trailer was leaky so we didn’t proceed any further. But it started a discussion about trailers.

I love camping. We’ve been doing it for two years now as a family and everybody enjoys it. We do car-camping (where you drive up to your site and pitch a tent) and have all the supplies for cooking, sleeping, etc. But it does mean waiting until the weather is warm enough to sleep outdoors, which around here is usually in June or sometimes late June/early July. And I’ll confess that, as I get older, sleeping on a thin mattress on the ground is not the most comfortable environment for me. I’ve been itching to go camping for weeks now, and if we had a trailer we could have already gone on several trips to our local, beautiful parks and campgrounds. Getting away from the city and out into nature is so refreshing for my soul, and such a wonderful opportunity for the children to play free and explore. Yes, I would really love to have a trailer.

It would be easy as pie for Husband and I to go out and buy a brand new trailer on credit. We even have the cash right now to pay for a used trailer. But we’re not going to do that. Why? We want land. We want our dream acreage and we have a plan. Buying a trailer, even an older one, would take several thousand dollars away from our farm fund and either prolong the time until we can buy, or reduce what we’ll be able to buy. So we asked ourselves, what do we want more? The answer was clear: we want that acreage more than we want a trailer. So for now, no trailer.

Do I feel deprived? Surprisingly, not in the least. There is something very satisfying and rewarding about identifying our spending priorities and making decisions based on that. Besides, when we are living every day on a few acres, surrounded by woods and fields, perhaps I won’t feel this driving urge to leave the city every possible weekend and head out into Nature. So perhaps by next year I won’t want a trailer anymore. But if I do, we will save for it, and prioritize it with our other goals.

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