One Local Summer

I first learned about One Local Summer last year while reading Cheryl’s blog, Free Range Living. This was long before I started finding out where my food really comes from – I thought eating local was just a way to support local farmers, a “keep the money in town” sort of ideal. Still, I admired Cheryl’s delicious meals though they also brought about a strong feeling of envy and self-pity (i.e. my kids will never eat that).

This year I’ve seen various bloggers put up the One Local Summer banner and I have felt torn. On the one hand, I am so behind the spirit of this challenge: make one meal per week from all local ingredients (starting June 1). I’m shopping at the farmer’s market every weekend, I’m learning all sorts of new recipes and new ways to prepare this local, seasonal fare I’m bringing home or harvesting from the garden. But I’m still not 100% there. For example, I still buy conventional milk because my family goes through about 10 litres per week and organic is double the price, not to mention my fave local organic only comes in 1 L glass bottles. There are a few other examples, too. Hey, I’ve only just started on this local eating kick and there are still many changes to be made! And so I’ve been hemming and hawing and thinking that I just wasn’t ready for this challenge.

But finally I caved. Eco’Burban commented on Grean Bean’s post saying she would try it “even if it meant pancakes and eggs”. And I realized hey, I can do that. In fact, it doesn’t actually say that the one local meal has to be dinner, right? So here it is, for what it’s worth, I’m jumping in!

note: I’m going to create a specific post category so readers can more easily keep track of my local meals

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5 thoughts on “One Local Summer

  1. Yeah! It’s gonna be a great summer. I’m doing it too. I started making a list of all the meals I could have that were local and all the sudden it felt easy – soup, a large salad, cheese omlet, veggie plate… My biggest pitfall is that there’s no local source of wheat so for those meals I can’t have bread, but I found a local source of rice! Pshew! And there are a million ways to make potatoes…

  2. Good for you, girl! Watch, you’ll start out with pancakes and eggs and by the end you’ll be whipping up five course meals and applying for next season’s Hell’s Kitchen.

    Heather: My kids eat gluten free a lot so I have some pretty good rice flour recipes for bread – though I use a bread maker. Also, if you can find a source of locally milled flour? Many of us on the Dark Days Challenge did that even though the grain wasn’t actually grown local.

  3. Hmm. I wasn’t going to do this challenge because I had focused on dinners being the meal. But with breakfast, I might be able to swing it, because I do have a local producer of hot cereal and flour. Hmm.

  4. I am also new to local eating and to this challenge. I’ll be starting with breakfast (strawberry bread this week) and hopefully working my way up to dinner by the end of the summer. I think we can both use some luck, but it should be possible…

    Enjoy the local fare!

  5. If you read the updates today, quite a few people made breakfast – including me! Everyone does this whole ‘eat local’ thing to varying degrees. I’m just thrilled to have you board for the project!

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