Road Trip

I have been aching to get away from town for weeks now. We have been thwarted by a late, cold, wet spring and Husband’s company sending him off on business trips over long weekends (the curse of working for an American-based company). Finally this past weekend we headed out of town to a little place called Vernon in the North Okanagan region of BC.

The kids were kept happy on the 7 hour drive with books, a few toys, and some audio books (we’ve been enjoying the adventures of Harry the Poisonous Centipede). I’m glad we have resisted the urge to get a portable DVD player. The kids also each had a long nap which gave Husband and I some precious hours of interruption-free conversation. And the scenery…wow…it was fantastic.

We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place as British Columbia. Our journey took us from the Lower Mainland (Vancouver area) through the Fraser Valley farmlands, up and over the Cascade Mountains, through the southern interior Dry Belt where the desert-like terrain is so vastly different from the coastal temperate rainforest, and finally to our destination, where the open fields spotted with clumps of native grasses start to give way to evergreen forests again. The scenery was breathtaking all along our route.

We arrived around dinner time on Friday. The next day we went to our friends’ son’s birthday party. After that we headed to Davison Orchards where the kids wandered around and played while we ate delicious home-baked pies.

The next day we went to Kalamalka Lake and enjoyed a brief 0.5 km hike to a pebbly beach. The kids were respectful of the Poison Ivy growing there, though Husband pointed out the irony of taking kids out into the woods and then telling my 3 year old “don’t touch anything that’s green”. I was fascinated by the composition of the forestland there, so different from our home town. Daughter asked me to snap this photo of “an interesting flower I’ve never seen before”.

We ate some sandwiches while the kids threw rocks into the lake and the adults admired the view.

We returned home shortly after this, enjoying another beautiful and scenic drive. Ah…I love family road trips!

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One thought on “Road Trip

  1. I just love the lakes out there, gosh I love natural fresh water lakes.

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