One Local Summer: week #5

After reading about Melinda’s amazing pancakes over on Green Bean’s blog I’m thinking that I need to make a move away from salads! Wow, that looked delicious. Anyways, my meal this week is a local take on Salad Nicoise…

Here we have lettuce from the garden, local organic eggs (Rabbit River Farms; Richmond, BC) and tomatoes (Delta, BC). Canned tuna is from Iron Maiden Seafoods (Sooke, BC). The fingerling potatoes are the one “iffy” ingredient in this meal – the guy at the supermarket was “pretty sure” that they were from Washington State (which I consider local in terms of geography if not nationality), but the label simply said “Product of the USA”. The dressing was made with herbs from our garden. And the wine is from a local u-brew place, Beyond the Grape, (we make a big batch every year) although I’m not sure if the grapes in this particular blend are all local.

One comment I want to make is about the tuna. Opening this can, it looked quite different from your usual canned tuna. This tuna was more like a thick chunk of cooked fish with lots of yummy broth-like liquid around it. It wasn’t evenly distributed throughout the can, nor molded to precisely fit the can. It actually looked like real food, and it was the tastiest canned tuna I have ever eaten. At $5/can it is definitely more expensive than the store-bought variety, but as I often say if you simply eat it half as often as you regularly consume canned tuna then it doesn’t cost you anything more AND you get the benefit of local, ethically-caught, sustainably-fished, delicious canned tuna! That one can was enough to feed Husband and I (sadly, my kids won’t eat fish) along with the eggs and other yummies in the salad, so it ends up being a pretty inexpensive meal.

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2 thoughts on “One Local Summer: week #5

  1. Melissa

    I want to thank you for your inspiring blog. I’m a current transplant from San Diego to LA while fiance finishes up his research… and hoping he’ll pick grad school somewhere green and less busy than LA. I stumbled upon your blog some time in the last year when I inexplicably stopped longing to move to a big city and started yearning for simplicity and home-grown veggies. I think reading about your successes is keeping me sane while I am stuck in a concrete-locked apartment in the capital of materialism.

    Keep up the awesome blog… thanks for sharing your stories!

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