Big Changes

Two weeks ago my husband got laid off. It was not bad news. He had been increasingly unhappy at his job and was planning on quitting in another six months, anyways. The severance package has made up for arriving at this point earlier than expected. But the really exciting news regards his new job.

He will be working for a small engineering company owned by a decent, honest person he has had the pleasure of getting to know over the last several months. Much of the work will be done from home, with occasional site visits as needed. The hours will be flexible and very much dependent on whatever current project he’s working on. With my consulting business picking up these days it is not really necessary for him to bill the standard forty hours per week, and so we have arrived at the place we’d dreamed of getting to, having no idea that it would come this soon. 

Basically, we are now dual stay-home parents. I will be working out of the home occasionally, mostly at home. He will be with the children when I’m working, and vice versa. The freedom this brings to our life is huge. We’ll be able to travel alot more often than before. Our summer camping schedule will likely include several mid-week trips to lovely campgrounds that are typically full on the weekends. We’ll be able to do things as a family during the week and avoid the busy weekends.

Just last week I was surfing some unschooling blogs and found a link to a website called The Growing Life. It’s all about living unconventionally, not doing the “school, work, marriage, children, big house, home theatre, two fancy cars, pay until you die” schtick and instead, blazing your own trail through life. It shares many philosophies with Simple Living: ask yourself what you would do if you only had six months left on Earth, and then make it a point to live a life where those things are made priorities NOW and not some obscure day in the future when you supposedly retire. 

And so when Husband decided to take this new job and we began to discuss what it would look like for us, it struck me that we had finally achieved our goal of getting everybody in the family off the conventional pathway (you know, the one that leaves so little time and money to do the things in life that really matter). The kids aren’t in school and we work flexible hours at home, taking turns caring for the children. What adventures we’ll get up to I don’t know yet. But it seemed a big enough occasion to prompt me to change the name of my blog (besides, it turns out “Life Without School” is already used by some well-established unschooling sites).

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5 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. How exciting!

    My husband and I are working towards the same goal: to have us both at home to school and raise our kids. It’s been almost a year now since I’ve been home full time, and we are still working to get him home. I think people think that we are naive and crazy, but it is the perfect life for us.

  2. How much more ideal can it get! Your home life seems to just keep getting better this year, so many wonderful changes.

  3. I found your blog last night and I’m enjoying every word! Thank you! Hubby and I have the same situation going… each working part time (and half of that time in the home, with the other half out), sharing care of our 2 year old daughter, sharing cooking, cleaning…
    We became mortgage free 12 months ago (by downsizing our home and property) and spent six months at home together while our girl was still new… it was bliss and the best move we have ever made. We are making moves towards full time work at home, hopefully coinciding with pregnancy number two early next year!

    Unschooling resonates with me so strongly, so I’m doing my research early. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, philosophy and values. You are inspiring!

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