Checking In

It’s been a busy month and I thank any of you who are still coming around now and then to check on me. Our family has been through some major changes in the homefront dynamic, with me having a sudden influx of consulting projects and Husband being between projects, filling in as head domestic and primary parent. We’ve also been doing a fair amount of camping and outdoor stuff (we were swimming in the lake pictured here just last night). All this has left me less time than I had before and, in the spirit of Living Simply, I’ve had to re-prioritize. Spending time with my family and children is most important, and while I love blogging and the wonderful community I have found online, it has had to take a back seat of late to other pursuits (such as the many camping trips we’ve enjoyed lately). I know that business will slow again, such is the nature of consulting work, and Husband will start up a new project soon that will demand more of his time. I am looking forward to getting back to more of my domestic responsibilities and the start of Daughter’s homeschooling program, but I’m also enjoying my work (I just don’t want to be this busy *all* the time).

I’m not really sure what the future of this blog will be. Probably when I have more free time I will come back to it with the same frequency as before, and I will certainly keep marking important milestones in our journey towards our dream of buying an acreage next year. Along those lines we passed just such a milestone last week: we paid off our car, our last major source of debt. Other than a student loan which is a few months from it’s final payment (low, tax-deductible interest and low payments mean we’ll likely not pay it off until the end of this tax year) we are completely debt-free. And we have an amount saved for a downpayment that is only 10% away from the goal we’d set at the start of this year. With the local real estate market poised for a significant downturn everything is aligned perfectly for us.

So, while I won’t be posting as much in the near future I hope you’ll check in every now and then. I’ll be keeping up with my Veggie Tales posts for sure and any other information I want to pass along when I have a chance. I do have one such post that will follow this one today. I am also lurking on several of my fave blogs (see sidebar links) so even if I don’t leave comments I’m reading and cheering along with all of you.

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5 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. That sure looks like a beautiful lake for swimming, I hope you guys enjoy the camping trips.
    Good luck with your work projects and I will keep an eye on my reader to see when you pop back.

  2. Nicki

    I wanna know which lake it is!!!

  3. It’s Rolley Lake in Mission! 🙂

  4. 🙂 Still reading….

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