NOT Back to School Day

Today millions of families woke up to a schedule of rushing kids into their clothes (which they probably dropped a small fortune on last week), packing backpacks (also likely new, and filled with new school supplies), rushing them through breakfast (which was perhaps not home-made whole wheat pancakes?), and piled them into the car to take them to their first day of school. Many parents maybe breathed a sigh of relief to be unburdened of their children again, while others may have shed a few tears at seeing their children taking a giant step away from the nest.

At our house today things progressed at their usual slow and comfortable pace. I got up around 8 am (after staying up late watching old episodes of Battlestar Galactica with Husband while our snuggled around us and fell asleep) and headed out the door for a run (I am on week 8 of a Learn to Run 10K program) while husband got showered and dressed for a 10 am meeting. I got back in time to see him off, showered and made the kids pancakes for breakfast. Husband came home around noon while I was packing a picnic for the kids. We headed off to the forest to go geocaching while hubby did some work from home, made a lovely bean and rice soup, and prepared dinner for the kids.

So while a lot of people were experiencing this:

And this:

We were experiencing this:

The geocaching hunt was great. I wrote a while ago about wanting to get started with this sport. Last  month our geocaching friends took us on our first cache hunt with their handheld GPS. Today marked our first venture out alone – I don’t have a GPS but I do have a geocaching application on my iPhone. After a bit of backtracking we found the hidden cache! I enjoyed trying to decipher the clues and figure out where it was, Son enjoyed sliding down and hiking back up the switchback trail we were on, and Daughter collected about a dozen samples of mushrooms and photographed an impressive variety of local slugs:



Sigh!….Can I just say I love our life?

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