Veggie Tales: the September garden

If anybody is still out there, I’ll fill you in on what’s growing (and not growing) in my garden these days…

My tomatoes survived the first bout of summer rains, but sadly they succumbed to a second one last month. The dreaded blight struck before I’d harvested more than a handful of sweet SunGold tomatoes and, as they all said it would, once it was there I could only watch helplessly as my huge stock of green tomatoes slowly rotted and fell off the vines. It was very sad, but on the other hand this WAS an experiment year and I was pretty happy with how well the plants grew and the huge number of tomatoes that I had before they died. Next year I’ll choose my planting area more carefully and make it easy to cover in times of heavy rain. 

Removing the thick forest of tomato vines from the trellis at least gave some room to my long beans. I harvested this batch today…though I’m still not exactly sure what to do with them. They have a thick, fuzzy, almost sticky coating and I don’t know how palatable that will be. They look impressive though! The coloured ones are Dragon’s Tongue bush beans, which I don’t have much of – think I needed to plant more seeds than I did. 

My buttercup squash plant is doing well – it too received a boon in real estate when I cut down the sugar snap peas. They succumbed to powdery mildew, but not before we’d enjoyed several weeks of sweet, delicious snacks. So I considered that experiment rather successful. The squash in this photo is about the size of a baseball, and there are several more showing on the vine, as well as some flowers still blooming. 

Finally, my good ol’ Swiss Chard is growing like crazy, and rather neglected as I haven’t harvested any in well over a month. I’m curious to see how long these plants will produce through the winter as they seem pretty hardy. 

I haven’t done any planting for fall or winter…life has just been so busy. But I will have an opportunity to extend my gardening experiment through the cold season: a friend in the business has given me a hydroponic system that I will attempt to use for growing such things as lettuce and tomatoes through the winter. I’ll post more details when it arrives and I have it set up, but I’m curious as to how this will go…I admit to being a little dubious about food grown in no soil and with no real sunlight, but my friend assures me that with proper organic nutrient products (derived from natural sources such as seaweeds, etc) I’ll have a quality harvest. 

I also scored a sprouting box complete with shelves and flourescent lights for next year’s seed starting. Yes, next year I will take on the task of starting my own seeds, something that seemed just a tad overwhelming this past season, my first. 

So, that’s what is going on in my garden these days! Thanks for stopping by and being patient with my slow posting schedule…

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4 thoughts on “Veggie Tales: the September garden

  1. I love your posts! Keep going even when it seems no one is out there 🙂 I found your site on “accident” once when I was searching for something else. I haven’t been by your site in a while and just wanted to see what you were up to. Congrats on a great experimental first season!

  2. Still here! Your chard is gorgeous – mine never got any higher than about 4 inches and I’m not sure why. My squash, on the other hand, took over the garden!

  3. Kat

    This was our first year really trying to grow tomatoes and we did cover them when the weather turned bad. The field tomatoes and cherry tomatoes continued to ripen but the romas didn’t. A single sheet of plastic and an application of sulphur was enough to ward off more blight.

    Good luck next year!

  4. Great choices you have made RA!


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