Things I’m looking forward to…

…when we finally have our acreage.

(A pick-me-up post):


1) Not having to put blinds and curtains on all the windows. Being able to watch the sun go down without thinking “oh great, now half the neighbourhood can see right into my living room!”. 

2) Adopting a puppy. Training the puppy. 

3) Spending a rainy afternoon in the barn with my animals. Having animals, for that matter.

4) Not having to listen to the neighbour’s teenagers walking right past my window late on a Saturday night, talking (too loudly) about how drunk they got last weekend.

5) Not hearing the sounds of traffic that gets so loud sometimes you can’t open a window on that side of the house.

6) Having a fire pit.

7) Having a place to park my car, Husband’s truck, and our trailer. All of which will be covered and none of which will be parked on the street.

8 ) Planting a vegetable garden for keeps.

9) Waking up to the sound of birds, and only birds.

10) Going for a run on a quiet country road, instead of being stared at by two lanes of morning commuters and inhaling all their car exhaust as I run along the only flat road in my neighbourhood.


I can’t wait!

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5 thoughts on “Things I’m looking forward to…

  1. I dunno, training a puppy isn’t all that much fun… 🙂

    But the rest will all be divine, trust me.

  2. dawnrachele

    Can I come?

  3. You are working so hard towards your dream, keeping focused and doing what you need to do in the meantime. I know the right place will come available for you when it’s the right time 🙂

  4. I hear you about the weather focasters. I talk back to the TV when they bemoan rain after a long dry spell.

    I do have salad greens (if the cat doesn’t kill them) in my aerogarden – I like the light of the garden when the sun is a rarity in our cold basin climate.

  5. Hear, hear! My list would be somewhat similar.

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