A Taste of the Good Life (my old life)

Things have been busy for me since Husband got laid off. The many projects he was juggling all fell through one by one and so far self-employment has equalled unemployment. But good fortune smiled on us and my business picked up dramatically, allowing me to support the family during this time. That, combined with commitments to Son’s preschool and now-weekly reporting for Daughter’s homeschooling program (it was biweekly last year when she was at Kindergarten level) all left little time for blogging. 

It also meant more time away from home (or being at home but having computer work to do), and I’ve really missed that. This has become particularly apparent to me over the last three days as I’ve been home sick with a cold and, in a rare turn of events, free of commitments. Even though I’ve been sick I’ve managed to keep the place tidy, organize some files in my office, knock some to-do’s off my list, get in a couple loads of laundry, and do the budget for this month. Today I made bread (in the breadmaker) and a large batch of butternut squash soup. 

I miss this, I really do. I was particularly moved to write about it today when I read this post that was linked to by Wife Mom Maniac. It was a moving reminder of the deep importance of Motherhood, and how satisfying and fulfilling it is to participate in something so worthwhile as the raising of a child. As I lay reading it with Daughter snuggled up beside me (she is sick too, poor dear, and has been keeping me company in bed today), she taking great comfort in my presence (and, in fact, demanding nothing less than that all day!), I felt like just being there for her was something so deeply important, with so much more meaning than any business report I could write. Is there anything more precious than a child who, in their misery, needs nothing more or less than the presence of her Mama to make the world seem bearable, manageable, even conquerable? What an honour it is to be the source of that kind of comfort.

Husband had an interview today with his recruiter (a local headhunter who got him his last job). There are two job possibilities coming up and I’m very hopeful that one of these will work out for him. Then things will get back to the way they were, which I now appreciate was truly the Good Life for us!

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One thought on “A Taste of the Good Life (my old life)

  1. Janet

    Hey Mariah,

    As an aside to this post, what breadmaker do you use? I’m in the market and am researching. Any tips?

    Glad to have you writing more, I stalk your blogs looking forward to your thoughts!

    Take care, Janet

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