I heart my homeschool community

We have a wonderful thing going here within our local homeschooling community. Every other Friday we meet at a Pensioners Hall that we fill with tables of activities. There’s a playdoh table, a games table, a warcraft table run by a Dad that attracts the older boys, a baby and toddler toy area, knitting, crafting, playmobil, wooden doll houses, etc. There’s a kitchen and everybody brings something to share so we feast well. 

This is our third year participating and it is hands down my favorite homeschool activity. I have made some very good friends, and the kids have all gotten to know each other. It’s wonderful to be in an environment where everybody “gets it”. You don’t have to explain what a DL is, or an O4L. Today a representative from Usborne Books came and we happily spent our learning funds on some great books. We took home a set of flash-card type cards called “100 Things to Spot in the Sky”. Each card describes a constellation or planet and it’s exactly the sort of thing Daughter will obsess over for days, all along absorbing the information. She played with them on the drive home and we had a chat about how Latin and Greek names are used because it was these ancient peoples who named many of them. 

The environment at the Hall works really well for my kids. There is a lot of space, and if they feel like playing on their own they can. Or they can pair up with a friend, or they can join a group. My kids do all three in that order of frequency as neither one is what you’d call a “social butterfly” and so it really reduces the conflicts. Daughter rarely has issues there as her biggest hot button – sharing – doesn’t become triggered very often given the sheer number and variety of activities. And my son just doesn’t go around the tiny ones because there is so much else for him to do (and the bigger boys are much more enticing) so I rarely have to deal with him getting rough with someone who can’t take it. I can see the whole Hall from the kitchen so I can hang there with my mama friends and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. 

I feel very fortunate to be part of this community, and to have made dear friends within it.

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One thought on “I heart my homeschool community

  1. That sounds really great!
    We don’t have anything like that, but we do have a few families in our relative neighborhood that are also unschoolers that we often see.
    And we adore them – so that counts for something. 🙂

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