A Lovely Winter

We don’t usually get much snow where I live, and when we do it rarely ever coincides with Christmas. But this year we’ve been blessed with an “arctic outflow” that has blanketed the city in several inches of snow and transformed the landscape. 

I’ve been spending most of my time at home, puttering around preparing for Christmas by baking and putting together gift baskets. The kids have managed not to drive each other (or the adults) too crazy despite being indoors most of the time. Though I will say that each day after breakfast they have put on their snow clothes and headed out into the yard to play for a while. And though our car has handled beautifully in the snow, and I have gone out a few times to run errands, I’ve spent a few days this week not leaving the  house too. And I’ve quite enjoyed it. 

Yesterday we went out as a family and walked up to the playground around the corner. It was a beautiful scene, not too cold, and mostly it was just lovely to be together as a family enjoying an impromptu snowball fight! 


And Daughter discovered that despite its slippery reputation, sliding down a snow-covered slide doesn’t work very well!


I’ve been enjoying looking outside my windows at the magical trees and thinking how nice it has been to just lay low and enjoy the season. I keep thinking how amazing this will all be when I’m looking out my very own window at our very own view, maybe something like this:


Hey, why not dream big? 😉

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