A past reader of my blog (whose blog link I have lost, so if you read this please send me a note!) once directed me to her post about LapBooking, suggesting we might have fun with that activity. It sat in the back of my mind, largely forgotten until recently when a friend’s unschooled kids started going crazy for LapBooks. I decided it was time to try it ourselves, but of course with Daughter you have to be careful how you suggest things – any hint of “should” or “my idea” and it might not be so well-received, lol. So I found a YouTube video describing how to make a LapBook, I casually called Daughter over to take a look, and then nonchalantly asked “is this something you might like to do?”. The answer was a resounding yes, with even more enthusiasm when I told her we could start right away. We headed to the crafting corner to get started.

She came up with the subject matter: Reptiles. I helped her by writing down some topic ideas that we both came up with, and by suggesting some layout ideas. She was mostly tolerant of my instruction for this first attempt, but by the second LapBook she was rolling her eyes at me and reminding me “I can do it, mama!”. We both had a laugh about that.

Here’s the cover page:


reptiles_coverWhen you open it up, it looks like this:



The section called “which animals are reptiles opens up to this:

what_are_reptilelsThe section called “What do reptiles eat?” was a multi-page mini-book. Here is one page from inside:


The second lapbook, for which Daughter held total control over the design and contents, was called “Bugs”:

bugs_coverHere’s what it looks like on the inside:

bugs_insideThe top section has a flap that says on the outside “What’s the difference between bugs and insects?” Daughter wrote this herself in response to me, who kept getting confused as to whether insects were subsets of bugs or vice versa! Under the flap she wrote this:

difference_bugs_insideThe other section in the lapbook she called “Predators of Bugs”:

predators_bugsInside was a multi-page minibook. Here are two of the pages:

predator_bugs_birds predator_bugs_turtle

We had a great time making these and Daughter proudly showed them to her father and anyone else who came by to visit. There were so many skills involved in making them – organizing facts, artistic layout and design, writing, etc. Most importantly, it was fun! We will definitely be doing these again!

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