A perfect day-in-the-life

This morning I eagerly awoke (okay…it was 9:45 am but I was still eager) to a very sunny morning. Lately we’ve gotten into a night owl pattern: as the kids mature they are better able to quietly entertain themselves in the evening, giving me and Husband an opportunity to watch movies or downloaded shows (Battlestar Galactica premiere last night – woo hoo!). And so we’ve all been going to bed later and getting up later. I prefer earlier mornings for productivity’s sake, but it’s also nice to have the option of being night owls when we feel like it. Hooray for opting out of the rat race!

And although it was Sunday, which is typically a day of rest for most folks, this day could be any day of the week in our wonderful Unconventional Life…

It was the day of my Weekend Run when I usually head off somewhere scenic for a good long run. After bad weather forced me to take a week off (I’m no wimp: sidewalks were buried in snow and it was very slippery) I’m back in peak form and have finally progressed beyond (albeit brief) walk periods (one minute walking for every 15 to 20 of running) to non-stop running and today I was going to go for a full 50 minutes. I headed up to my favorite local place to run: the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, conveniently located about 5 minutes from my home by car. There is a service road that is paved, relatively flat, with kilometre markers and breathtaking mountain forest scenery and it was along here that I had my fabulous 8 km run. I took this photo, which really doesn’t even do it justice, somewhere around the 2 km mark. 


I was all alone listening to various birds, and the sound of rushing water along various streams running down under the roadway. It was a fabulous run and I felt great!

I spent the afternoon working on a report for a client, then went to clear off the crafting table so Husband could work on putting an old laptop back together for the kids to use. Every home should have a crafting table! (preferably with a crafting shelf behind it). This is our “crafting nook”, one of my favorite features of our home. 


This is the view from the kitchen counter, so while I’m busy cooking or cleaning in there I can be with the kids while they work on projects. The bookshelf is loaded with paper, glue, scissors, paint, tape, stickers, pens, markers, rulers, magazines for cutting, toilet paper rolls, foam, you-name-it. The table is brightly lit by the window and the wall becomes a gallery for artwork and displaying such items as Daughter’s Melissa and Doug wooden calendar (very cool learning material) and a number line I made with Daughter last year. It’s a place where the kids can create, be messy, and leave projects that aren’t completed without them getting in the way. And it’s a great way for us all to hang out together, too.

That evening I enjoyed a yummy pasta with bolognese sauce that Husband had been simmering all afternoon (secret ingredients: coconut milk and lots of wine!). I went back on the computer to do Daughter’s learning report and came out of the room to find this:


This is our little hallway and that’s my daughter. She has two chairs and a yoga mat making herself a little reading nook, around which she has piled books that she is slowly reading through. Typically, they are virtually all reference books. Daughter is right outside the kids’ bedroom (to her left). Behind her Son has put together a Playmobile display and is battling “bad guys” in front of the bathroom (to the left). Husband wasn’t too impressed when he came upon the crowded hallway, but for me personally I don’t mind at all. I love the creativity and I love that she has created this fun space devoted to the joy of reading. I love to see my son engaged in imaginative play (especially given his love of computer games these days). 

Yup, when you are an unschooling family you need to deal with the mess that Life makes sometimes, which often seems to be in direct proportion to the amount of learning that is going on!

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One thought on “A perfect day-in-the-life

  1. I loved this post 🙂 And we have that calendar, it is indeed a great learning item

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