Public School from an Unschooled Teenager’s perspective

I found this blog post via the Life is Good Conference website. I thought it was really interesting. The author makes a good point that having experienced school makes him a much more credible voice for unschooling. Most of us unschooling parents spent at least 12 years in school, so we already know what our kids are missing. But for the kids themselves that have never been to school, it might be easy to disregard their opinions on schooling (‘course, in our society it’s easy to disregard teenagers entirely, apparently). Anyways, it’s a good read…

As for the conference, I’m thinking about attending. While my children are not overtly social, and I do feel I have a good unschooling community around me already, I feel drawn to the idea of connecting with so many more unschooling families from around Canada and the US. Husband has already suggested we take the trailer down to a tech conference he’s interested in, which just happens to take place not too far south of the Life is Good conference, and just 3 days after it ends. Could be a fun roadtrip!

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