Face Oil: my new best friend

I’m back for a bit because I couldn’t resist posting here again to let you all know about my latest discovery.

A while back I ordered some soap from Kama Soap Co. on Salt Spring Island. I was also looking for some moisturizing cream for my face. I’ve had dry skin since my mid-twenties and even with natural soaps my facial skin feels so tight and dry after washing. I was using an organic lotion but there are still a whole lot of ingredients in there I don’t recognize and I’d been wondering if there was something more pure and simple.

Well, Kama didn’t have any face cream but they had something called “Face Oil”. It’s a blend of essential oils formulated for “dry and mature skin”. I was a bit hesitant at the idea of putting oil on my skin: seemed antithetical to my experience as a teenager, when oiliness=pimples. I emailed Sharon, owner of Kama, and asked for more details. She replied that it doesn’t require using waxes and other ingredients to make a cream, and she found it worked very well. So I decided to give it a try.

I am really loving this product! The oil is absorbed very quickly into my skin and there is absolutely no oily feel. It works just as well as lotion to relieve the tight, dry feeling after washing. I have also noticed that my skin feels very soft these days. I love that it is such a simple product: just essential oils – no preservatives, waxes, gums, emollients, etc. I think it’s about as natural as you can get, and it definitely works!

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One thought on “Face Oil: my new best friend

  1. Thanks for this useful information – I’ll have to check it out!

    Also glad to know you are still around – I hope your Spring is going well 🙂

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