Is this the Good Life or what?

We had another wonderful day out in nature with our friends today. They live in the beautiful Fraser Valley, a region of farmland and woodsy areas with a backdrop of gorgeous snow-capped mountains. First we went inside to see the chicks (who are looking a whole lot like full-grown chickens!) and to have some lunch (the chicks are awaiting slightly warmer temps to be moved to their new coop). Then we headed down the road, where the kids often stopped to look at dandilions and other interesting things:


I even got my horsey fix by petting some of the neighbours’ lovely critters who watched us curiously from the fenceline. We saw lambs, free-roaming chickens, and peacocks as well.

We got to the creek and the kids started right away collecting Caddisfly larvae. These interesting little critters stick bits of sand and rock around themselves to form a protective shell. There were hundreds of them and the kids began to gather quite a collection:


They then played with rocks and sticks, built dams, explored under logs and rocks, and generally had a wonderful time for over 2 hours before we convinced them reluctantly to head home.


It is truly wonderful to just sit and be present while children while they explore. Their curiosity and interest is beautiful to witness, not to mention their creativity. The time passed by without incident, without boredom, without resistance…the other mama and myself commented “Over 2 hours here, they aren’t done yet, and not a Toy in sight!”.

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One thought on “Is this the Good Life or what?

  1. I have been searching out blogs about unschooling and recently ran across yours. My twins, girl and boy are young still, just turned 3, yet we already consider ourselves unschoolers. We strive to find learning and adventures everyday. I just wanted to let you know your blog so far, especially the posts about learning in nature and through your trips, are really inspiring. I enjoy following them. Yes, it is wonderful to have the priviledge to watch my children learn on a daily basis and in a natural way.

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