Walking the Walk: camping season

The premise behind my blog title is that by having kids who don’t go to school, and parents who work independently from home, we are not subject to the usual weekly schedules of most folks. We don’t have to crowd all the “fun stuff” into weekends and statutory holidays, we don’t need to wake up early, there is no “morning rush” in our house…it brings a great deal of freedom. Most enjoyable is the freedom to seize a day of great weather by making outdoor plans on the spur of the moment.

Last year DH was working outside the home for most of the summer, and we took only a handful of camping trips. This year we have a trailer and were eager to get out and use it as much as possible during the season. And so I am pleased to report we have already gone out twice and plan many more excursions. We are now “walking the walk” when it comes to Summer Fun.

The first outing was over the Victoria Day long weekend – but we left early Thursday afternoon and encountered little traffic. We drove about 8 hours North where MIL runs a small campground/RV park. It was a great chance to test-drive the trailer while having a fully functional house to stay in should things go awry. We discovered that our water heater had not survived the winter, for example. The kids had a ball there, basically had free run of the place and managed to stay out of trouble.

They played on Grandma’s trampoline:


They went fishing off the pier:


They rode a deck-boat across the lake to the local pizza place and ate dinner on the way back:


It was a very relaxing weekend and I proved myself to be quite handy when it came to fixing things on the trailer (there wasn’t much – patched a couple water lines that had been damaged over winter – but I’m still proud). [And are we noticing a theme here about winterizing? (or not, as the case turned out to be) Warning: when your DH says “my buddy says I don’t need to do anything”, continue to shove RV Owner’s Handbook in his face until he says otherwise].

We had only been back 48 hours when the weather forecast predicted the next day to be a spectacular one. DH wanted to finish a project he was working on but me and the kids were free. I took the truck, the trailer, and the kiddos and headed about 1.5 hours outside of town to a lovely lakefront campground. DH joined us the next day and we left on Saturday, well before the end-of-weekend rush.


So this past week I felt like we were truly taking advantage of our lifestyle – able to head out on a trip on short notice, as the weather brings promise of a good time. I’m not concerned about beating the rush to book a campground site for the three or four big long weekends – we’ll simply go during the week. I have to say that having a trailer also makes it so much easier to pack for such trips: I just need to toss some clothes in a couple hampers, the kids throw some toy bins in the trailer, a quick stop at the grocery store (before or on the way) and we’re off!

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