Adding to the Family

I grew up always having a dog or dogs in the family. I love dogs. When I was in University and living with a long-term boyfriend we adopted a lovely dog. We trained her well and she was a joy to take everywhere. When we broke up he kept her, as per our original agreement, and I moved to the US for a while to pursue my career.

Husband and I often talked about having a dog one day, but with babies and toddlers life was far too busy to even consider it. Lately, however, the pace of life has slowed down a great deal and I’ve been yearning to bring a dog into our lives. I had a good discussion with our landlords about how I would care for and train the dog and eventually they were convinced that I would be responsible, so they said yes. Our yard is huge but not fully fenced so my first task was to come up with a plan for some inexpensive, non-permanent fencing options. After much research I settled on wire square mesh fencing with metal posts that can sink readily into lawn and soil. I’ve ordered the materials and they will arrive in a few days – so soon I’ll be indulging my inner landscaper and putting up about 60 feet of fencing.

I’ve also been perusing dog adoption sites – I’m a mongrel fan – but haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. There is one dog that I found today that I am keeping my eye on, but I have promised myself not to move on anything until the fence is built. I hope to have that done by the end of next week – if she’s still available and our visit goes well, I may have a new dog to show you!

Husband is a bit leery of the idea, but after much discussion has agreed to let me go ahead with this. I will be taking on all the responsibilities – this will be “my” dog. I am very much looking forward to taking her running with me, hiking, and on walks to the local park to join the other neighbourhood dog owners. I’m very excited and will keep you posted on how it all goes!

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