Summer Classes and Looking Ahead

The “school year” has ended for Daughter – her homelearning program wrapped up, we spent the last of our learning funds (got a spiffy new microscope, Spore, and a whack of books), and I completed the Annual Review report. The final submission by her Learning Consultant detailed her successes in reading, science, and even physical confidence (learning to skate was huge for her). 

And while she accomplished much this year, what she didn’t do was any formal classes. She did take half a term at the local Arts Academy where she completed a study of Matisse and produced a frame-worthy reproduction of Matisse’s Goldfish. But after that she didn’t want to go back and we haven’t done any classes since. For whatever reason she seemed to need a break and so I respected that. But now I’m thinking it’s time for her to get back in the water, so to speak. She’s learning so much and it would greatly enhance her learning to be able to share it with others (besides me and her not-always-interested younger brother).

Now summer is here and the local University is offering summer camp courses. Daughter agreed to sign up for two of them: one is a creative arts class where they will be making crafts using natural objects (stone, wood, etc). The other is a science course focusing on Natural History. Each course is five days long, 3 hours each day. I think it will be a good step back into the group-learning setting as it’s for a short time only, focussed study on her favorite topics, and I’m assuming her fellow students will be equally enthusiastic about the subject matter.

I’m hoping that, if she enjoys the experience, she’ll be willing to try some new courses of study come the Fall. Unfortunately there isn’t much close by for her, so I’ll have to stretch myself to see what I can find. Either that or get used to driving across town once a week!

I have, however, taken on a new role as one of the executives of our local Homelearners Chapter of the BC Young Naturalists Club. We joined up last year and enjoyed the outings but didn’t make it to many due to some administrative issues. So this year I plan to go to many more of them (and hopefully Son will be mature enough to tag along without being a disruption). 

Finally, my boy finished his last day of preschool today (it was a farewell party). I will post soon with a review of the experience, but I’m also excited for him. This Fall he’ll definitely be doing some Martial Arts and any other physical things we can find for him (I’m thinking of a dance class as he loves to move his body around!). In the meantime we’re going to enjoy the Summer with lots of outdoor time, camping, gardening, and trips to the beach!

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One thought on “Summer Classes and Looking Ahead

  1. twotriplekayaks

    dex just started capoeira, and it’s awesome. martial arts, singing, dancing, musical instruments, and a really positive, encouraging atmosphere as a general rule of the sport — if you have a studio nearby, I’d check it out! lucy would be doing it too, except that she has theatre at the same time…
    and good luck on the dog! she’s cute!!

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