House (Land) Hunting

An exciting development in the Freelearners household – we are ready to become homeowners! Yes, after years of renting we have finally decided to take the plunge for real and buy ourselves a place. This is the kind of shopping I can really get into!

Our dream is to buy a couple acres of land and build a house. It all depends on budget, of course. We know how much we want to spend, and it’s teetering on the edge of what we can get in the area we want (I need to stay in the greater Metro area here), so it’s hard to have firm plans. If we can’t do both, we’ll get the land and put up whatever we can (or renovate what is there) to make it liveable, then we’ll do the dream house in stages with cash as we save up. Or we may buy something with a house on it. The thing is, I want a small house built with Not-So-Big-House principles, and the thought of paying for far more house than I want irks me. Ditto with paying for a big, UGLY house! But then financing is less tricky with a regular mortgage vs. a land purchase.

We’re still early into the search. There was one place right away but it turned out to be on a very steep grade. Now there is another possibility but water supply may be an issue (these are rural properties and one well can vary from the next in quantity and quality) so we’re having that checked out. Sometimes I worry that we’ll never find a place, but then I remind myself that I often felt that way looking for rentals. Patience is a virtue in many things, and I’m sure this is one of them. I’ve waited many, many years to have a place I can truly call my own; waiting a bit longer shouldn’t be too hard.

And think of all the blog posts I can get out of this! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “House (Land) Hunting

  1. Wow!! How exciting for you guys! I’ll refrain from the ‘don’t do it like this’ comments that bubble up to the surface while we’re in the midst of it all, as you know. Although we are still in love with this area, and the lot is truly home, we’re a little over our heads so it’s taking a lot longer to move into our house. And I agree, water is very important!! We did a lot of driving around to feel the places out. Congratulations on starting this journey/hunt and good luck:)

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