…and down we go

Boy, this house/land hunting experience has been a real roller-coaster ride. It goes like this: find nice property, happy to have picked something, start dreaming about where to put the barn…going uphill. Then something comes up. Work on it for what feels like ages…cresting the top. Then it becomes apparent this place is not going to work out…swift ride to the bottom.

The place I wrote about in my last post has not worked out. The price for a very small, modest home was stretching the limits of affordability for us, and after much soul-searching I decided not to get sucked into the consumerism trap of thinking Pretty is going to make up for Broke. I don’t want to be house/land poor. Yes, a custom house would be wonderful but I doubt it would compensate for having no disposable income, no savings, and living in fear that interest rates will go up.

So down to the bottom of the hill we go.

There is, however, some indication that the ride is almost over. There’s another hill coming up…stay tuned!

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One thought on “…and down we go

  1. Thinking good thoughts for your next hill!

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