Good Days and Bad Days

Everybody has bad days, and so do kids. Yesterday my son was having a Bad Day. And we happened to visit with Grandma that day. She’s not too happy with our lifestyle choices and is constantly bugging me about the kids having “no schedule”, not being around other kids enough, and being overall ill-mannered and badly behaved due to what she sees as my complete and total lack of discipline. So it sure didn’t help when, after 2 or 3 hours of good times, Son lost it with me and I in turn lost it with him. Grandma lost it with him, too and then tried to assure me that my losing it was “just what he needed”. I was depressed for the rest of the day, but fortunately the kids and I did have some good talks about it and I strove to chalk it up to just one of those things we can’t guilt ourselves about too much, as Wife Mom Maniac so eloquently wrote recently.

Today was payback. Today was a Good Day. The sun shone gloriously on a frosty world this morning and so we decided to head to a local park by the beach. First we hit the playground. Daughter, who has recently discovered the joy of being addicted to a good chapter book, settled herself into a cozy place in the sun and spent half the time with her nose in her latest Enid Blyton book.

Meanwhile, Son played his heart out and didn’t knock anybody over. In fact, he was a social butterfly! He was so kind and polite and sweet my heart just swelled with love.

I sat and enjoyed a spot in the warm winter sun, and got to read a fair amount of my own book. This has not been my playground experience in the past few years and so I relish such opportunities. Could it be that my kids are finally moving out of phases that made going to a playground an exercise that required my complete focused attention?

After an hour and a half or so, Son announced he wanted to head down to the beach. Daughter relocated to a sunny bench with her book (after a break of about 30 minutes to run around and play with her brother). Son stripped off his shoes and socks and headed to the sand. It had to be less than 5 degrees Celcius down by the water and I was chilled with my woolen socks, fleece hat, winter coat, and mittens. Check out Mr. “Cold Makes Me Warm”:

He jumped off rocks onto the sand below, and eventually Daughter joined him (more sensibly attired, I might add).

You can see how clear and still the water was today. It was very beautiful.

The kids ended by playing around on the Giant Anchor.

And as the sun began to get lower in the sky we headed home.

It was just the spot of fresh air and sunshine we all needed after a month of rain and dark gloomy skies. There were no fights, and everybody seemed to have a great time, including me!

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2 thoughts on “Good Days and Bad Days

  1. Love this post, and it was perfect timing for me, as my 5 year old had a complete melt down yesterday at a homeschooling group, and I’ve been feeling shitty ever since !

  2. I know how you feel about the kids needing your complete attention at playgrounds. I am nowhere near being able to read for a while with my three year twins at the park, but your post gives me hope that there will be days ahead that will be a bit easier!

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