Househunting Holiday

Since I wrote my last post Husband and I have been busy trying to dig up a list of potential homesteads. Try as we might, we haven’t been able to find anything in “his” assigned area. In “my” area we’ve come up with three interesting places, although one of them has apparently been taken off the market temporarily.

So this weekend we are heading there to view the other two properties. What’s very special about this trip is that we’ve decided to leave the children at home. It’s pretty boring for them and, consequently, not too much fun for us. My mother-in-law has offered to come spend the night at our house with the kids so that we can head out in the evening, spend the night at our destination, and then view the homes before coming back the next day. And…this will be the very first time that Husband and I have spent a night together without the kids! I don’t know what I’m more excited about – 24 hours of couples-only time (flaking out in a hotel, too, Woo Hoo!) or viewing the properties!

We are SO motivated to just GET GOING on this adventure of ours, and both places look promising. Our favorite is a 4 acre parcel just outside the town (as in, 10 minutes away!). It is almost fully treed and has a small, but apparently well maintained, modular home on the property. The price is really good and far enough below our budget that we’ll be able to get some land cleared right away. Then, slowly we will work on clearing more of the land and planning to put a house on it somewhere. Having a well, septic, and utilities already on the lot makes it much easier to start with but otherwise it’s almost like buying raw land in that we can shape it how we want and choose a building site by observing the changes over the seasons. Between the modular home and our trailer we should have enough room to be comfortable until we can get a proper house on there, and it should be easier to dispose of the modular when we’re done (or just move it and use it as a guest cottage) than demolishing a pre-existing tear-down house.

Here’s hoping one of these two places proves worthy of submitting an offer. And, if they don’t, at least Husband and I will have enjoyed a long-awaited getaway for 2!

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