A whole new adventure: We’re Moving!

Some of you may recall from previous posts that we have been hunting around for a small acreage. The process has been going on for months now with few prospects, numerous disappointments, and at least one moment of insanity. Well, I’m happy to report that we finally found a place and have successfully negotiated a sale. We’re moving at the end of February!

We’re going from the Lower Mainland of BC across the Georgia Strait to beautiful Vancouver Island (the Cowichan Valley, to be more specific). We have 4 acres of lovely land and a smallish mobile home. You can read more about the property in this post from my other blog.

I’m so very excited to be finally fulfilling the dream of having our own land. But I’m also really excited for our children and our family. The area we’re moving to already seems to have a well-established, connected, and active homelearning community who have welcomed me warmly (via their Yahoo Group). It’s a small town (surrounded by many other lovely small towns) and I am so looking forward to a more relaxed atmosphere. No noisy traffic rushing past our house (our new place is at the very end of a long, country road), no huge crowds of people, no traffic jams and planning our trips around rush-hour. We’re going to have some animals (pigs and chickens to start) and be spending a whole lot of time outside as we clear the land, put up some fences, and build us some animal sheds. When the grownups are outside, the children tend to follow, and I’m thrilled that they will have so much room in which to play, explore, and discover. They will also be learning right along with us about caring for land and livestock.

The other night at the dinner table I spoke to the kids about our new place and what life will be like. We talked about how we’ll be able to see lots of stars at night, as we do when we are camping, because we’ll be far from the lights of the big city. We talked about all the wild animals we’ll see right from our own place, such as eagles and deer and elk. Daughter and I talked excitedly about building nesting boxes and planting butterfly gardens. Son was thrilled about getting a trampoline, having trees to climb, and riding on a tractor. What he doesn’t appreciate is how much more freedom he will have: we currently live on a busy road and as he is not the most sensible about the dangers of traffic I rarely let him outside without supervision. Our new place has a long driveway and my kids might finally learn how to ride bikes (our very short driveway and busy street with no sidewalk has precluded anything more than riding trikes in circles).

I’m looking forward to hiking in the trails that are right next door to our property. And to going running along the converted railway that runs right below our property, going for miles on graded land that will make for some fabulous runs! I’m looking forward to finding new “favorite places” to run errands, such as the library, the rec centre, grocery stores, arts and crafts shops, bakeries and butchers. Locally raised food and sustainable agriculture is huge on the Island and there will be no shortage of sources for natural foods, ethically raised meats, and fresh local produce.

So my posting may be more limited over the next few weeks as I have a TON of packing to do (along with the much-anticipated decluttering that occurs whenever we move). I’m glad the kids are excited (they had mixed feelings about moving at first) and I’m so happy for the life they will find there. I hope you’ll stay tuned and follow us as we embark on this wonderful new adventure.

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4 thoughts on “A whole new adventure: We’re Moving!

  1. Sounds like a great place, so happy for you!

  2. It’ll be a lot of work, but I’m excited for you. Your new life sounds so exciting!

  3. Congratulations!!!

  4. Wow! Congratulations. That sounds like a great new adventure for you and your family:)

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