We’re Here!

The move on Friday went very smoothly. Thank goodness for our detached garage/workshop – we’ve stored most of our boxes there. I’m slowly putting our home together but it still feels like a mammoth undertaking. I’ve been working like mad because I find it difficult to live in a state of chaos and will feel much more settled when things are in order.

We hadn’t been here since the day we viewed the property and decided to put in an offer, so there was a lot to discover. Some things were not so pleasant, but they pale in comparison to all the positive things. For example, we appear to have an ant issue in the kitchen but we dealt with this last year and know how to handle it. We also appear to have a resident mouse, which was heard nibbling around my pantry shelves last night. Seems we will be getting a cat sooner than I had thought! We also found out that we do, in fact, have “sulfur water”. This is water that smells of eggs. It’s perfectly safe to drink but most people (including myself) find the smell too unpleasant. Bathing, showering, and brushing teeth are all accompanied by that egg smell, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it after a while. If that’s the worst thing about this place (and so far it appears to be) then we are in good shape. On the plus side, it appears the well is deeper and more prolific than we originally thought. Yesterday there was a total of two adult showers, one kids bath, three loads of laundry, and a run on the dishwasher and we didn’t experience any shortage of water.

And now for the pluses…we have a lovely line of moon lamps along our driveway that are connected to a photosensitive power supply. At dusk they light up and it looks so pretty. The crocuses are coming up in the gardens, and the birds are amazing. From the squawking of red-winged blackbirds to the haunting cries of the ravens, birds abound here. Sitting in the living room one looks out the windows to see dark-eyed juncos playing in the trees and on the grass. I can’t wait to start putting some bird-boxes around the place and seeing what other birds we can attract.

There’s a wild cat who comes around here – the owner left a note and some cat food saying she has been feeding him. He’s a black tom with a wonky eye. He sits on the porch railing sometimes, but runs away as soon as he sees us or the dog.

Mostly I’m just loving the peace and quiet. I love puttering around the house knowing that there aren’t cars and people marching past me just a few feet away. Even though I’m inside somehow I just *feel* the sense of space around me. I love it.

And the outdoors…as you can see from the top photo boots are mandatory ’round here right now. Yesterday my daughter, the self-proclaimed “couch potato” went out at least 4 times to explore the area with the dog. I’ve been able to hike around and explore the neighbourhood myself and am delighting in the numerous trails around here.

I’ll end this with a photo of the view outside one of our living room windows. This is the northwest corner of the “back” yard, behind which is crown land.

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7 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  1. The view is lovely! Good luck with all the unpacking and settling in. Oh, and go buy a cheap snap-trap for the mouse. Shove half a peanut under the metal clip and your problem will be solved in an hour.

  2. We’ve got sulfur in our well too. Best solution we’ve found is to shock it periodically with bleach per the instructions we got from our local health district. It’s a weird thing to do – but it makes a HUGE difference. We essentially ignore it as long as we can, then shock it and start over. We seem to be able to go 4 to 6 months in between.


    Also, if you didn’t do a well test, you should. Your local water/health district probably does it for a fee. I think it cost us $140 US and tested for various things including coliform (which can make you quite sick – http://www.doh.wa.gov/ehp/DW/Programs/coliform.htm)

    Finally, we bought a pottery water crock and fill up 5 gallon water barrels (like for an office water cooler) at the grocery store for $0.45 per gallon. We use it for drinking water and making coffee. It’s a pretty inexpensive solution, the crock keeps the water at a comfortable temperature, and I can ignore a lot of sulfur if I don’t have to drink it…

    Congrats! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!!!

  3. ruralaspirations

    Thanks for the water tips, Laura. We did have the water tested as one of the subjects prior to purchasing. It has no coliform and is 100% potable. I haven’t actually researched the exact cause of the sulfur smell but it is not uncommon to find this in BC. My mother-in-law has it in her area (central BC) and the one neighbour I’ve met here also has it. I believe it’s just a naturally occurring element. Our water is not hard, by the way.

    Interestingly, if you leave the water in the fridge for a couple of hours the smell disappears and you have nice water to drink. So I might just keep a jug of water in the fridge all the time from which to fill up water bottles, kettles, etc.

  4. ruralaspirations

    @chile: I just can’t do it. the mouse trap thing. And yet I’ve seen what cats do to mice, lol. Anyways, I had promised my daughter we’d get a cat when we finally bought our acreage so I think we’ll just head down to the SPCA next week and adopt one.

  5. Congratulations on the move and transition to simplicity. I hope everything continues to work out for you and your family.
    It sounds great! I’ve got to ask: how do the stars look from there or is there to much cloud cover?

  6. Wow! I’m all goose-bumpy just thinking about this huge step for you and your family, congratulations!

  7. I am so excited for you, it must be just amazing every morning to wake up in your new home – not listening to traffic!
    It’s great to see the photos and get a sense of the space you have around you now – and it’s great to hear that the couch potato is out adventuring by herself, unbidden.
    We haven’t bore a well here yet as there was only one likely spot found by a neighbour who did some devining one day as he wandered around the land with us and the area smelt quite sulphurous. He said that on our part of the hill the water always has been sulphurous and that the people who lived here always lived to a ripe old age so it obviously did them no harm – I am with you though on the smell – I would find it hard to drink or cook with.
    I am not sure how comfortable I would be with pouring bleach into a well – I just really don’t like the stuff however it had not even occured to me as a way to treat the sulphur smell. It’s good to know that the jug in the fridge becomes smell free.
    We are planning to expand our existing rainwater collection system for all domestic use except drinking and cooking so a well has not been a priority yet. Something else that we are considering is an ultra violet filter system for the rainwater to render it potable.
    I am so looking forward to hear about your adventures and exploits as you and your family settle in…

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