New home, new lifestyle

This is our new back yard. Well, it’s actually fronting the street but the house faces away from the street so we call this part the back yard. Today the kids helped me assemble our new trampoline. It was actually pretty easy in technical terms but it did require a fair amount of muscle power to haul all those heavy metal bars around and then connect the springs. The kids helped me as the dog ran around chasing her ball:

It was a glorious day with the sun shining warm on us. It was so nice to have everybody outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. While we were there our neighbours across the street came over to introduce themselves. I had met Bill out on the trail walking the dog and now I got to meet his lovely wife. They have a grandson who is the same age as Daughter and who is apparently a nature buff. He came over after school when he spied the kids on the trampoline.

They told us more about the herd of elk that wander through their property and, occasionally, ours. About 42 strong, the Buck sports six-point antlers but apparently he’s not the one to look out for. The herd matriarch is the biggest and is scarred from fighting. She is the one we are to stay far away from. Personally, I think we’ll give the whole herd a lot of room when they go by. I can’t wait to see them though – what an amazing sight to have right in one’s own neighbourhood!

We are slowly settling into our new lifestyle, though we have yet to venture out into The World and meet our fellow homelearners. Soon, though. Most of the major unpacking is done and the rest will come in time. Meanwhile we are enjoying daily walks around our property and in the nearby trails. The dog is immensely enjoying her newfound freedom. She is outside whenever we are and is getting lots of walks and ball-chasing time. She spends her indoor time taking heavy naps! Daughter, the self-proclaimed “couch potato” (though she never really was except for the last couple of weeks before we moved) has been taking the dog for walks several times a day. Now with the trampoline set up both kids are getting lots of exercise and I’m very happy about that. When the house is fully set up we will turn our sights outwards and start spending time working on the land (clearing it, mostly) and that will bring the kids outside even more.

We are all very happy with our new home and, even more so, with our new lifestyle!

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2 thoughts on “New home, new lifestyle

  1. Wow!!! Congratulations. It looks beautiful.

  2. What an awesome opportunity for your kids to be so close to nature all the time.

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