Before and After: clearing land

Pretty much every day Husband and I are out there working on clearing our land. We enjoy it very much, especially when the sun comes out as it has the last two days, warming things up for us. Yesterday Husband came home from a trip to the local tool rental shop with an industrial strength weed whacker. It’s like the garden-variety one except instead of a plastic twine that spins around, this puppy has a steel circular saw blade and is gas-powered. This was just what we needed to tackle some of the dense brush that is growing on our property.

We soon developed a plan of action, mostly by just jumping in and figuring it out as we went along. He would cut a section, then I would go over it with a metal rake. Then he’d come back and do a second cut to get what he missed. It worked really well and the best part was how quickly we saw results. Here are the before and after pictures of one section we did yesterday:

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3 thoughts on “Before and After: clearing land

  1. That sounds like a lot of work. Have you thought about contacting someone in your area that might offer mulching with a forestry mulcher?

  2. ruralaspirations

    Cool, Big Country! I enjoyed watching the videos on your website. That mulcher thing looks like exactly what we need.

  3. Isn’t it really satisfying work? We do this every year and last year I got a shredder – it’s great fun. I let the briars (brambles) and small branches dry out and then shred them, adding the shredded material as mulch.
    Well done, you guys are flying through the work.

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