Dumpster Diving: country style

In the city it is not unusual for people to leave unwanted items on the curb so that others can come by and pick them up. But out here in the country you don’t get that sort of traffic. You also don’t get the kind of garbage pickup you do in the city, and often disposing of it means hauling it to the dump. We have every-other-week service here, and pretty decent recycling service too. But just cleaning up around the property we gathered enough garbage to take a run to the dump. It wasn’t that expensive, and if you have a utility trailer it’s not that difficult a task. But apparently some people find it all just too much hassle.

Sad to say, the forest beside our property is littered with garbage. Everything from wrappers to deep freezers and microwaves, car batteries and old mattresses, broken strollers and piles of clothing. Seems some local yahoos like to drive their ATV’s in there at night and toss whatever they can’t be bothered to keep right into the woods. The neighbours and I have been discussing what we can do about it, but in the meantime it’s a growing problem.

The other day while on a walk we found a new pile of dumped material, and right there in the middle was a mini-trampoline. Upon closer inspection it was in excellent condition, other than a small tear in the fabric that covers the springs. Then the kids noticed a set of building blocks, much like Lego, along with little fences and a whole pile of small plastic farm animals. They wanted to bring the stuff home. In less than a minute we’d found an old ice cream bucket. We had to sit there picking the pieces up out of the mud, but a good rinsing at home would take care of that. When we left the woods we all felt we had scored. I said out loud “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” and later I heard the kids repeating the phrase. I love that they are adopting these values of thrift and haven’t succumbed to the consumer culture of wanting everything to be new and from a Mall. Here’s hoping it lasts!

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One thought on “Dumpster Diving: country style

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it. We too, will make someone else’s trash our treasure. We believe in recycling, repurposing. I’m also planning on my first vegetable garden this year. Good luck to both of us.

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