Driving Lessons

I didn’t think I’d be dealing with this issue for another decade or so…but here in the country things are different. Daughter is learning how to drive the ATV. She’s actually quite good at it, and I love her confidence – I still get scared riding on the back, and I have yet to drive it. Of course, she will have an adult riding with her for the foreseeable future, but Husband didn’t have to do much correcting when they took me and Son for a ride in the trailer.

Don’t you just love the helmet? The model name is Bad Lieutenant. She picked it out herself. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Driving Lessons

  1. Glad to see that your daughter is wearing a helmet. My co-worker is nursing her son, and has been since September of last year when he went helmet-less on his 4 wheeler. (He was 9 and slipped out without his dad noticing.) It flipped and crushed his skull. He is relearning how to walk but life will never be the same. Kudos to you for making her wear the helmet!

  2. What an exciting time for her! I remember when I was nine and my grandfather let me drive the driving lawnmower. I personally feel the more kids can take on and be confident in adult responsibilities the more confident and creative people they will become.

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