Giant (Predaceous) Diving Beetle

Daughter has done it again. She seems to have a knack for finding bizarre insects. Last week while Husband and I were tearing apart an old greenhouse to salvage the roof for our new pig-house, Daughter was exploring the overgrown gardens when she shouted excitedly about finding a really huge beetle. I assumed it was a Common Black Ground Beetle, which are plentiful around here. We continued with our work. It wasn’t until much later that Daughter showed us the beetle, which she had caught in her butterfly net. I’d never seen a bug like this before!

It was larger than a ground beetle and had paddle-like hind legs. It reminded me very much of the Giant Water Bug she found last summer. After some Googling we finally found out it was a member of the Dysticidae family: Giant Diving Beetles, aka: Predaceous Diving Beetles. Thing is, this creature lives in water and there are no ponds or lakes anywhere nearby. Mind you, I suppose it depends on your definition of “nearby” and how far a beetle like this can fly. Still, I suspect this fellow was way off course!

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