Signs of Summer

I don’t have a clothesline yet and not even sure where to put it as the layout of the house and yard is unusual. So for now I’m using my wooden clothes horse. The family cloth, however, doesn’t dry well over thick round wooden rails and tends to get blown off easily. So I rigged up this hemp twine across a corner of the deck:

I mentioned in my last post that the strawberries were ripening. We’re in full-on strawberry mode now, and have been enjoying regular bowls of sweet goodness all week. Thank heavens at least one of my children partakes in our harvesting!

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Summer

  1. Once again, our paths are similar. We’ve had no time to acquire the materials to build our own clothesline T-posts (since nobody sells affordable ones that will hold up) and I’ve sick to death of picking sticky weed seeds off the laundry that blew off the rack and fence AGAIN.

    Hubby finally took pity on me and installed a chunk of clothesline stretched across a corner of our front porch. Since we recently put up lattice there for privacy, it works great for hanging laundry without the whole world seeing it. My racks are less likely to blow over there, too, although lightweight items often blow off. However, there are no weeds on the porch, so that’s okay!

    Still looking forward to, as I am sure you are also, a REAL clothesline!

  2. Enjoy those strawberries! Our plants were picked clean by a night of feasting birdies last month. Now we have the blackberries coming on so I am out to pick them before th bords get to them.

    I really like your blog!

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