Lego Board Game

Yesterday Son constructed a board game out of Lego. He has been playing with it constantly, even bringing it in the car with him when we travel to classes, etc. This has turned out to be such a creative enterprise for him! He not only designed and constructed the board, the figures, and the playing pieces, he also created the rules of play and he’s been consistent in applying them when playing with myself or others.

Play begins in one corner and players count along the coloured squares to move around the perimeter of the board (the centre pieces are decoration). There are four figures to use as players (I love the guy with the bush for a head!), and there are also “combat cards” (two of which can be seen in the top left near the player pieces). Basically the players jump over obstacles as they move around the board, which they have to do three times to finish the game. When two players land on the same square it’s time for a “challenge”. They choose their combat cards then roll the dice to see how much damage they inflict on the other player. Different combat cards have different special abilities, such as speedy healing or power boost. The winner of a challenge then gets to have the next turn.

While he enjoys having someone to play against, he also has no problem playing the game by himself, controlling more than one player. He’s really proud of his game, and getting a great deal of fun out of it as well.

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