Comic Book Artist

For the last couple of weeks Daughter has been working hard on some comic books. She’s drawn short cartoons before, but never anything of this magnitude. It took her many hours to complete this comic, and she devoted many evenings to it. I think it’s possibly the longest project she has ever embarked upon. I’ve posted these images in large format to assist in reading the text. While the colouring looks great, it does hide some of the wonderful ink work she did prior to filling it in. I was really impressed, not only with her drawing techniques, but with the complexity of the story. Any of you who are familiar with the Spyro the Dragon characters (which started out as video games and can now be found all over YouTube) will recognize them here. The comic wasn’t finished being coloured when I first posted this, and she has since moved on to Book 2, but I had these photos already here so I used them (plus she stapled together the final product and I didn’t want to pull it apart).

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