I made a Wallet!


(Disclaimer: due to a recent cell phone disaster I’m resorting to an antique phone with a crappy camera: the photos really don’t do these fabrics justice!)

I’ve had my lovely Pfaff Ambition 1.0 sewing machine for about a year now. I’ve made a few quilts here and there, but I really hadn’t planned on doing much non-quilt-related sewing. Sewing was never really my thing, you see (who knew a 45 year old woman could still discover new things about herself?).

Anyways, I’d been thinking for some time about getting a new wallet—my old one is going on 10 years now—but didn’t want to spend money on something so frivolous. I saw some cute wallets in a chain store a couple of months ago and thought “hey, I bet I could sew something like that!”. I consulted the Mighty Google, who led me to the Color Me Domestic blog and a post about a fabric DIY Wallet. Inspired by the beautiful fabric combination she used, I decided to try one for myself. The pattern was mostly based on a tutorial from All Wrapped Up, but I liked what Color Me did with it, and so I based mine on that.

2013-09-19 16.05.54

Back of wallet when closed.


I had a great time at my local fabric store looking through their box of fat quarters and trying to find a set of three fabrics that looked great together. I wanted something with a slight oriental feel to it and I was really happy with the fabrics I chose (that stripe across the back is also the inside liner fabric). The total cost was less than $15.

Thanks to Color Me’s suggestions, I increased the size of the flap closure and have had no problems with curling at the edges. I also decided to switch the inside bits around so that the zipper enclosure was at the top and I could access my money without having to fully open the bottom flap. I switched the orientation of the bottom section so that it was upright when fully opened. Finally, I added a liner to both sides of the pockets (there is a pocket behind the zipper and another behind the bottom credit card holder) using the same fabric that lines the inside of the wallet.

2013-09-19 16.00.14

I am so proud of this wallet! It’s definitely not perfect, but it is the first real sewing project I’ve ever done, and it is something practical that I use virtually every day. It is far prettier than anything I could have bought (especially for $15!), and the satisfaction of knowing I made it myself makes up for any imperfections in stitching, or the fact that my zipper occasionally gets stuck because I didn’t sew the inside seams close enough to the edge.

While I enjoy making pretty things, making pretty things that are super useful is just that much more satisfying!

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One thought on “I made a Wallet!

  1. Photos don’t do it justice. The colours are very vibrant IRL. It’s really quite beautiful!

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