I’m back…


Last fall I started a new blog. It was fuelled in large part by a growing feeling that I needed to make changes to my parenting and my homeschooling. I was full of ideas and I felt that starting a new blog would be a good way to embark on a new approach. This post, which I wrote back in July 2012, explains my thoughts at the time, and this post from September 2012 gives some idea of where I expected to go with it all. Well, I’m here to tell you that it didn’t last very long. I now look back on it as a moment of doubt in an otherwise lengthy history of doing what works and what has always worked for us.

I recently browsed through this blog and was reading over some posts from many years ago when the kids were younger. How the time flies! The photos of them bring such joy to my heart, and some bittersweet pain as well. Those little kids were such a handful, and yet such a joy. They are growing up into lovely people, but sometimes I miss their wee hands and being able to hold them in my arms. I realized that this blog is a treasure of memories and a record of my journey. It didn’t seem right to break it apart, and so I merged the new blog into this old one and will continue the journey onwards from here. 

In my heart we always have been, and always will be, freelearners. We have never done things the way “most people” do them, and that makes all of us happy. While I tried briefly to move away from the unschooling label, the truth is we are unschoolers and always have been. The discipline that I felt was missing turned out to be missing from my own life, not theirs. My discovery of Project-Based Homeschooling provided the answers I needed: training for me to be a better mentor and unschooling parent to my children. 

Don’t get me wrong – I still don’t have this parenting thing figured out completely. But I’d rather document my journey, with all the different paths and dead ends I’ve tried, in one place. 

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